Monday, December 18, 2017

Fighting American #3

    The revival of the classic Simon and Kirby character continues as Fighting American battles the evils of communism (in the form of his original enemies from the 1950s).

   They've all been transported to modern times by a time machine, and both evildoers and heroes find their once-implacable values challenged by modern life.

   None of that stops FA from smashing through walls and throwing down with the bad guys at a moment's notice, of course.

   This series has been a wild romp so far, and despite a few glimmers of darkness (thanks to some unscrupulous bad guys), the story continues to be an off-beat blast of fun.

   Lots of energy, a fun concept, a capable villain plotting destruction - what's not to like?

   This series is a hoot! I suspect Simon and Kirby would approve.

Grade: B+



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