Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Faith's Winter Wonderland Special

    Here's a nice bit of lighthearted fun for the holidays in a mashup of a traditional holiday story and the magic of Alice in Wonderland.

   Throw in the Valiant hero and you get Faith's Winter Wonderland Special, as the denizens of a fairytale world come to Earth looking for someone who can rescue them.

   Every the optimist, Faith jumps at the challenge and finds herself transported to a world where the dark side of the holidays threatens to destroy everything (not unlike the real world)!

   The story is by Marguerite Sauvage and the lovely art is by Francis Portela and MJ Kim.

   It's an entertaining, done-in-one story that's suffused with enough holiday spirit and childlike optimism to overcome even the Grinchiest comics fan.

 Grade: B+


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