Monday, December 11, 2017

Dan Dare #3

   Dan Dare continues to walk the fine line between classic science fiction (which is only right, given the history of the character) and a modern adventure story.

   This issue finds Dan and his team facing an impossible task - a monstrous alien ship is drawing closer to Earth, promising destruction - so how can three humans (and one alien ally recruited along the way) hope to stop it?

   It's fun to see them faced with a challenge that leaves them no choice but to make up a solution as they go along - which makes it a lot of fun.

   But their efforts may have deadly consequences - and to say more would be to give too much away.

   As always, the issue has a strong script by Peter Milligan and powerful art by Alberto Foche.

    I'm really enjoying the series for its science fiction roots. I haven't read the original series, so I don't have a nostalgic attraction - I can only imagine that would make this even more fun for long-time fans!

Grade: A-


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