Saturday, December 2, 2017

Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter #3

   When I review comics, I'm never sure what to wish for: a real stinker, which can be fun to write and draws lots of views; or a great comic, which is more fun to read and easy to write about.

   As the previous two reviews of the new Captain Kronos series have shown (here's #1 and here's #2), this series falls into the latter category.

   (It's also nice to see a "pull quote" from this blog on the cover of the new issue, although of course we try to be immune to such inducements.)

   I'm happy to report that this series continues to be tremendous fun. It finds the Captain alone against the powerful vampire known as Slake, who has an army of vampires following him - but they're immune to the usual weapons against vampires, including the light of day.

   So it's up to Kronos and his allies to find a way to defeat the unbeatable!

   Loaded with sharp writing and tremendous art, this series is terrific! (Still) highly recommended!

Grade: A


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