Monday, June 12, 2017

The Lost Fleet #1

   Who doesn't enjoy a big ol' space opera?

   The answer is: every right-thinking person.

   Well, I suppose some people don't care for them - but you can count me among the fans.

   Which is one reason I like The Lost Fleet. It's based on a beloved series of science fiction books.

   This series (subtitled Corsair) focuses on the battle between two fading space empires: the Syndicate (they wear the black hats) and the Alliance (the good guys).

   But this issue is all about a prison break. At the heart of it is Captain Michael Geary, a descendant of the iconic hero John "Black Jack" Geary.

   After a brutal space battle with the Syndicate, Michael is captured and placed in a high-tech prison - so imagine his surprise when a soldier offers to help him escape.

   But there is a catch - and an all-out battle along the way!

   It's a strong, fast-paced story by writer Jack Campbell with terrific art by Andre Siregar and Bambang Irawan.

   We have some time to wait until the next Star Wars movie, so this should help fill the gap nicely.

Grade: A-


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