Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Faith #12

   As Faith reaches the end of the latest storyline, she finds herself in a classic situation.

   She's been attacked and defeated by an evil team made up of her worst enemies, who banded together to tackle their common enemy - namely, Faith.

   Making up The Faithless are: Chris Chriswell, former superhero actor turned evil mastermind; Dark Star, a powerful psiot trapped in the body of a black cat; Sidney, a failed actress who happens to be an alien; and Murder Mouse, a powerful cosplayer.

   So yeah, it's an odd group.

   But it also makes for a fun issue as Faith must find a way to outwit and escape her dysfunctional foes.

   I like it when the creative team (writer Jody Houser and artist Joe Eisma) come up with a creative approach to a straightforward adventure story.

   Lots of fun!

Grade: A-



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