Sunday, May 21, 2017

Justice League #21

   There are several great things about this issue of Justice League.

   One: it's written and drawn by Bryan Hitch, with his usual wonderful cinemascope artwork on display.

   Two: it's a rarity these days - a story that only took two issues to tell (instead of the usual four to six issues).

   Three: it's an intelligent time-travel story with an emotional story at its core - and the growing desperation of the heroes who must work together to save the world.

   Four: it touches on the ongoing theme in Hitch's JL work: that a major menace is approaching, one that the JL may not be able to stop (but it doesn't beat us over the head with it).

   So, a solid issue, much more down to Earth (despite its science fiction elements) and terrific art - what a deal!

Grade: A-


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