Monday, May 22, 2017

Ian Livingstone's Freeway Fighter #1

   Here's a fun "throwback" series (sorta kinda).

   Freeway Fighter is a dystopian fight for survival in a grim future where each fight is to the finish - and supplies are difficult to come by, especially the gasoline it take to power the vehicles that are the primary weapon for the survivors.

   The series is based on a game book called Freeway Fighters, written by Ian Livingstone in 1985.

   Now the series is back under the guidance of writer Andi Ewington and the art of Simon Coleby.

   Both turn in a fast-paced, brutal and vivid slice of life for the woman named Bella De La Rosa, a professional driver who has no mercy on those who attack her.

   Set in 2024 after the world has been ravaged by a virus, it's a Mad Max-inspired adventure that doesn't waste a lot of effort on anything except no-holds-barred action.

   It's not exactly sunny, but it's exciting and powerful stuff.

Grade: A-


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El Vox said...

Now you're talking, although I didn't see that one at the LCS. :P