Friday, March 17, 2017

The Wild Storm #2

   Writer Warren Ellis has returned to the scene of the crime - which is to say, some of his best work was under the Wildstorm heading - and now he's in charge of the reboot and/or revival of the line.

   He's doing that in a 24-issue series, The Wild Storm - and it's off to a tantalizing start.

    With terrific work by artist Jon Davis-Hunt and color artist Steve Buccellato, they're gradually (re)introducing the assorted characters who inhabit that universe.

   (I'm assuming that this series does not take place in the DC Universe, even though the "New 52" brought the Wildstorm characters under its umbrella. I think.)

   It's a "real world" adventure where the elements of the fantastic are mostly out of sight from the general public - and most of them are based in alien artifacts.

   The spark for the events centers around a young woman who wears alien armor, rescues a man from certain death, and then flies off to a mysterious location.

   Several individuals and agencies are trying to get to her first, and we get a look at some of their resources.

   The story is building slowly, but it's fun to see familiar characters in a new light.

   So far, so good!

Grade: A-


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