Thursday, March 16, 2017

Neil Gaiman's American Gods #1

   It's always a treat to see more comics from Neil Gaiman, even if those comics are "just" an adaptation of one of his novels.

   That same novel, American Gods, is also being translated into a TV mini-series from Starz.

   For the comics version, Dark Horse has enlisted some top-notch talent - P. Craig Russell provides the layouts and the script (adapting Gaiman's novel), and Scott Hampton crafts the finished art.

   With that pedigree, do I need to say that this is a terrific comic?

   Well, it is.

   It follows a man named Shadow who is sentenced to three years in prison. He's intelligent, careful and intimidating enough to pass his time in jail peacefully - but when he's finally released, his life goes mad.

   He has visions of strange creatures and terrible warnings. Then, he gets an enigmatic offer that promises to take his life in a wildly different direction.

   The issue is mostly dedicated to introducing some of the cast and putting the story into play, but it's captivating and whets the reader's appetite for more.

   What more do you need? It's terrific. Buy it, already!

Grade: A


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