Monday, March 6, 2017

Santeria: The Goddess Kiss #3 (of 5)

   More horror story than heroic adventure, the story behind Santeria: The Goddess Kiss is one that spans centuries.

    It's a tale of magic and a vengeful goddess who looks after her "children" - from those captured and sold into slavery hundreds of years ago, and others facing a violent death in modern times.

   It's definitely not a typical story of heroes - in fact, it's not clear if the power behind the events is benevolent - or malevolent.

   The modern story is actually the tougher one to sort out, with numerous characters on both sides of the law, a murder attempt, law enforcement officials with dubious motivations, and a character who won't stay dead.

   It's not always easy to sort out, but it's interesting to see a story with a different kind of story to tell - and lots of mysteries to go around.

   With strong art and a unique story, it's a series worth watching.

Grade: B+


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