Sunday, March 5, 2017

Doctor Strange #18

   I've been enjoying this fresh take on Doctor Strange, even though the emphasis has been a bit more on the horror side (not my favorite genre).

   The ongoing story pits the Doctor against Mr. Misery - a powerful mystical creation built over the years out of his own dark deeds, pain and mistakes.

   Misery is striking against Strange's friends and others he cares about - including some of the patients he saved before his mystical career began.

   To fight back he teams up with the female version of Thor - and we get a couple of things out of that:

   1) I really miss the original version of Thor, and since Dr. Don Blake was depicted as an ingenious surgeon, that would have come in handy in this story. Instead, we get Thor accessing her knowledge as Dr. Jane Foster (I may be wrong, but I thought she was a General Practitioner - not a surgeon. Did I err?)

   2) I hate it when the creative team just randomly gives a hero a new, out-of-left-field power, as happens here with Thor. Silly stuff.

   Other than that, this is a solid story - great art, fun story!

   You should be reading this comic.

Grade: A-



Bobby Nash said...

In the Dan Jurgens run of Thor, Jane was shown to work as a surgeon at a hospital.

Chuck said...

Bobby, thanks for the refresher - I was drawing a blank.

Bobby Nash said...

My pleasure.