Saturday, March 25, 2017

Iron Fist #1

   Timed to coincide with his new Netflix TV series, Iron Fist is back in a new comic - one that has a classic kung fu feel.

   The character first got his start during the heyday of chop-socky martial arts films that swept the U.S. in the '70s, and this new series honors that by using a classic approach.

   This issue finds Danny Rand wandering the world, looking for a challenge. He's the ultimate fighting machine, but he can't find a proper challenge for his skills - so he goes looking for a fight.

   He's abut to give up when he receives a special invitation that offers the solution to his problem.

   Long-time fans will find the story has a familiar ring to it - but there's nothing wrong with taking a classic approach.

   I like this new start for Iron Fist a lot - kudos to writer Ed Brisson for the new direction, and to artist Mike Perkins for a gritty, high-energy approach to the visuals.

   So far, so good!

Grade: A-



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