Sunday, March 26, 2017

Hulk #4

   As a comic book reader, you learn patience.

   After all, the story is doled out a month at a time, and it can often take many months to get the whole story (typically four to six months in modern day increments - often more).

   But when you're starting a new series, you should really do something to hook readers right away - and that's something the new Hulk comic has not done.

   The series actually stars Jennifer Walters, usually known as She-Hulk - but apparently, in the wake of a brutal fight with Thanos and the death of the original Hulk, she has become a different person - and her gamma side is angry and brutal.

   Or at least that's what we assume. We're four issues in, and we still haven't see her "Hulk" side.

   That's not to say it's a bad comic - it's actually an interesting character study, as we see Jennifer learning to cope with her new insecurities, and the mystery of one of her clients grows into a full-fledged horror story.

   But I think it's past time to bring the title character into the mix. Comics fans are patient, but they're not going to wait forever.

Grade: B


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