Monday, February 20, 2017

The Forever War #1

   It's always great to see another entry in the all-too-slimly-populated category of "science fiction comics."

   The Forever War is based on the Hugo Award-winning novel about a first encounter in space - and how it leads to war.

   It picks up at the beginning of the training for a new group of "recruits" (actually draftees) as they learn a new way of life.

   The Earth has begun colonizing the stars, thanks to the discovery of a way to travel quickly to distant planets. When a mysterious alien race attacks the settlement, Earth mobilizes an army and starts training them in the use of high-tech gear.

   It's a dangerous life - and a powerful story.

   Written by Joe Haldeman, it's loaded with amazing vistas, a detailed and brilliantly-realized world, and tons of potential.

   The art is by Marvano and it's really impressive, with amazing environments and futuristic (but gritty and realistic) technology on display.

   It's an amazing military story of survival and exploration - highly recommended!

Grade: A


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