Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Savage #4

   Occasionally a comic will surprise you.

   I didn't expect to be a fan of Savage - it looked like the usual "grim and gritty" violence-fest.

   And those elements are there - but it's also imaginative, surprising and actually a bit uplifting.

   It includes some of my favorite action / adventure tropes: a couple are shipwrecked on an island (check) with their young son (check) and discover the island is loaded with dangers (check) including dinosaurs (check check check), wicked savages (check) and lots of mystery (check)!

   The story has been jumping around in the timeline, but settles down here as we see the child grown to a feral teen who fights and outsmarts his opponents as he tries to escape this terrible world.

   There's not a lot of deep thought here, but it's a rollicking good yarn - very much a modern version of Tarzan with numerous twists.

   The art is terrific - with two different artists showcasing different styles - and the story is fast-paced and, though a bit grisly, mighty entertaining.

Grade: A-


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