Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Classics - Stormwatch #1 (Vol. 2)

   In the heady first years of Image Comics, Stormwatch was an early entry in the "let's do something like the X-Men" contest.

   But it was thin stuff, all about the art and the posing and explosions and not worrying so much about the stories.

   That was 1993 - and in the years that followed, the creative teams shifted around regularly and events shook up the roster.

   Finally the series was turned over to Warren Ellis, who wasted no time in introducing science fiction, adventure, horror and political  elements, giving the team purpose and setting up some major storylines.

   In other words, the writing became the driving factor.

   After the Wildstorm Rising event shook up the Wildstorm Universe, Stormwatch was rebooted with a new issue #1 (volume 2).

   Teamed up with artists Oscar Jimenez and Jason Gorder, the art moved away from the early Image excesses (gritted teeth, impossible figures on the women, splash pages that featured the team posing) and focused on good storytelling, strong layouts and great character designs.

   The team balanced super-heroics with political posturing, rebuilding the team's good name, and facing down some deadly and merciless opponents.

   The series was really starting to take off - but the best was yet to come!

Grade: A-



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