Monday, January 16, 2017

Ninjak #23

   As this issue sets up the "Seven Blades of Master Darque" story, it only neglects one thing: there's not much actual Ninjak content here.

   (Everyone's doing it, it seems.)

   Instead the focus is on his deadliest opponent - the tragic Roku, a red-tressed assassin who Ninjak has tried repeatedly to save (and each time, he's failed).

   We follow her as she breaks into an impregnable prison as part of her plan to recruit the members of the murderous Shadow Seven, all high-powered assassins in their own right - and all of them defeated by Ninjak.

   It's a grim tale with lots of death and destruction - and what is her mission all about, anyway?

   The script is crisp and the art is excellent - and Ninjak does play a vital role before we hit the end of the issue - but it'd still be nice to have him a bit more involved.

   (Last page shock panels aren't quite enough.)

Grade: B+



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