Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Red Dog

   As a fan of Robert Heinlein's "Juvenile" science fiction stories, I'm enjoying the new series Red Dog from the comics company 451.

   It has the feel of that kind of "hard" SF - that's based largely in real world technology, and takes us into the life of a teen named Kyle who's learning to deal with the dangers - and the wonders - of the new world he now lives on.

   That world is called Kirawan, and humans have colonized it to mine precious minerals. That brings them in conflict with the barbaric inhabitants, and the issue starts out with a bang as Kyle tries to survive a vicious attack.

   He's saved by his dog, Q, who happens to be a robot mutt.

   And Kyle's collection of dogs grows with this issue, as he gets a special Christmas present: five more cybernetic dogs!

   As he struggles to connect with (or even understand) his parents, he spends his time learning more about the dogs and training them to work as a unit.

   The series was created and written by Rob Cohen, is adapted by Andi Ewington, and features art by Rob Adkins (and three inkers). I like the art - it's a sleek, futuristic style that fits the "world" perfectly.

   I'm enjoying the series so far. It's a solid story about the fight to survive on an alien world, but it's also a high-tech and heartfelt story about a lonely boy and his dogs.

Grade: A-


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