Monday, January 9, 2017

Nova #2

   Rather unexpectedly, Nova has become a buddy book.

   Or perhaps a brotherly book.

   It continues the story of the return of Richard Ryder, Earth's original Nova, who somehow managed to escape from certain death in the Cancerverse. (We don't know how this happened.)

   The new Nova, Sam Alexander, joins Ryder to fight an alien attack of some kind, and the two bond over their common powers and interest.

   Ryder - who's struggling to adjust to a "normal" life - finds a new home with Sam and his family.

   They bond, they fight bad guys, and they head into deep space - what's not to like?

   It's a fun issue that sends up lots of entertaining possibilities. (And Ryder's encounter with the members of The Champions is priceless.)

Grade: A-



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