Thursday, January 5, 2017

Justice League of America: The Atom Rebirth #1

   As a longtime fan of the Atom, I was glad to see him getting the Rebirth treatment - heck, I'm just glad to see him in a comic, period.

   Apparently he's going to be a member of the upcoming Justice League of America title (in some capacity), so DC is rolling out a series of one-shots focusing on the team's lineup.

   This isn't an origin story - not quite, anyway. It follows Ray Palmer, the scientist who created the shrinking process and the Atom costume, and it brings back (thankfully) Ryan Choi as his working partner / lab assistant / possible successor.

   And that's about all you get here - an introduction to both men, and a possible setup for the first JLA adventure.

   I was really hoping for much more - this issue just offers some backstory for those who came in late.

   For those of us who've been here a while, there's nothing new here.

   Darn it.

Grade: B-


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Kevin Findley said...

As long as this one-shot wiped out the bitter taste of Choi getting killed six years ago in the Brightest Day sales gimmick, I'd say this served its purpose.