Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Champions #4

   One of the classic "bits" that made the New X-Men fun was the running gag that had their jet being shot out of the sky with great regularity.

   Since the (teenage) Cyclops is now a member of the Champions, it seems only fitting that they pick up that shtick.

   And that's how this issue starts, with the team's jet being shot down by a mysterious attacker, and the heroes must work as a team to survive.

   The heroes - which include Ms. Marvel, Nova, (Ultimate) Spider-Man, the (Totally Awesome) Hulk and Viv Vision - must also learn to fight and function together, and it's fun to see them work out that dynamic while they also try to figure out who their leader should be.

   A sharp script and terrific art - the only thing lacking here is a more impressive villain. But that's a minor complaint.

   This series has a lot of energy and a great youthful feel. Highly recommended!

Grade: A-



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