Saturday, January 28, 2017

Hellboy Winter Special (2017)

   As a big fan of Hellboy, I'm always prepared to give his comics high marks.

   So it's something of a shock that the Hellboy Winter Special is merely... good!

    I mean, I'm happy to see him back in action (if in flashback form), and the theme of the issue - the cold of winter, which runs through the three short stories that make up this Special - works well.

   The stories just all feel truncated. The first one is entertaining, as Sir Edward Grey and his companion Sarah Jewell search for the force that's causing an unnaturally deep winter in 1891.

   Hellboy takes center stage in the second story, set 70 years after the first. It's a fun romp that pits him against a demonic Saint Nick! (And did we see a Phantom Stranger crossover there?)

   The final story involves a witch and two children in peril (never one of my favorite story elements) - it's all a bit twisty and not terribly satisfying.

   Of course, the art is terrific, from Christopher Mitten's wintry settings, to Paul Grist's humorous slugfest, and Sebastian Fiumara's dark tale of horror.

   I guess I was hoping for more from writers Mike Mignola, Chris Roberson and Scott Allie - these vignettes just don't give them enough room to work with.

   Of course, if this was any other title, I'd be giving it higher praise - but I expect nothing but the best where Hellboy's concerned.

   I'm sure next time they'll be back on point.

Grade: B+



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