Sunday, January 29, 2017

Doom Patrol #4

   I love that cover for Doom Patrol - it manages to mash together images from the original '60s incarnation of the team - grisly images that enticed young me into reading the title - with the modern version (while throwing in some comical touches).

   The series manages to blend that original "freaks as heroes" concept with the strangeness of Grant Morrison's beloved run on the series, and create something even more unusual - but very entertaining.

   We find Larry Trainor and Cliff (Robotman) Steele on trial (sorta), with the future of Negative Man at stake, and Casey Brinke plots a bizarre escape as she learns more about her true nature.

   (Of course, I'd like to know where Rita (Elastigirl) Farr is hiding.)

   It's a rollicking, clever and unique adventure - and it feels like it's just warming up.

   And we finally meet the first big bad guy for this opening story!

   So far, I'm really enjoying this series - it respects the roots of the series and lays the groundwork for a  bright future!

Grade: A-





Hoy Murphy said...


I've found the other three Young Animal books incomprehensible or disgusting or both, but I'm holding on to Doom Patrol.

Hoy Murphy

Chuck said...

Hoy, I do like the Cave Carson book (though it's certainly grisly) - but yes, the other two haven't clicked for me so far.