Saturday, December 31, 2016

Dr. Strange Top 10: #3 - Strange Tales 137

  Continuing our countdown of the Top 10 issues of Dr. Strange by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko:

#3 - Strange Tales 137 - “When Meet the Mystic Minds”

   It was tempting to make the issue where Dr. Strange finally meets Eternity (Strange Tales 138) one of the Top 10, but it’s almost anticlimactic next to this battle between master and apprentice. 

   Having searched the world for the secret of Eternity (which may allow Strange to stand up to the threat of his foes Baron Mordo and Dormammu), Dr. Strange arrives back at the secret cave where the Ancient One is hidden. 

   Despite the danger, he plans to link his mind to his teacher’s, in hopes of gaining vital information.

   What follows is a psychedelic battle between two figures who are seated and facing each other! It's another artistic romp by Ditko, with amazing visuals, all balanced by Lee's script - at times forceful, at times touching.

   Strange must overcome the powerful mystic traps and defenses created by the only man on Earth who is a greater sorcerer.

   It’s a powerful tale, loaded with drama and heart - and it sets up the final showdown with the fate of Earth hanging in the balance!

Grade: A+


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