Saturday, December 31, 2016

Dr. Strange Top 10: #2 - Strange Tales 143 - “With None Beside Me!”

  Continuing our countdown of the Top 10 issues of Dr. Strange by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko:

#2 - Strange Tales 143 - “With None Beside Me!”

   Having survived an incredible battle against his most powerful foe, an exhausted Dr. Strange returns to his Sanctum Sanctorum where he is ambushed and captured by three powerful magicians. 

   In this two-part story he finds his hands and face covered, his amulet and cloak gone - how can he hope to survive?

   He manages to escape the mystic trap, but his head and hands are still bound, and the bad guys are closing in fast.

   What makes this issue stand out is the sheer ingenuity of Strange, as he must find a way to overcome a series of threats without using his powers.

   It’s fast-paced, clever as can be and downright inspiring. 

   Most comics that feature “no name” villains are a letdown, but Lee and Ditko manage to craft a story that stands with the best - and allows Strange to show why he’s a terrific hero.

Grade: A+


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