Monday, December 12, 2016

Chimera Brigade #3

   It's certainly not a traditional superhero comic in any sense of the word (although there are superpowers in evidence), but The Chimera Brigade continues to be a lot of fun.

   The only comic book it's similar to is The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - but Chimera creates its own characters and reality (rather than building on existing ones), although most of them have a familiar feel about them.

   Set in the early part of the 20th Century, we see various schemes developing - and superpowered individuals are being recruited (or evaluated) for future purposes.

   It's all very clever, sharply written and even subtle at times.

   It also includes some tense moments, as an army tries to subdue a giant, and a strange death threatens a crowd of innocent civilians - and the rescue is even stranger.

   It's a series loaded with imagination and unexpected twists, and I have no idea where it goes from here.

   Isn't it great?

Grade: A-


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