Saturday, November 26, 2016

Wynonna Earp: Legends: Doc Holliday #1

   When an actor is tapped to write a comic book that features his or her onscreen character, I tend to cringe a little - good acting doesn't always translate to writing ability.

    Thankfully, my fears were groundless with Wynonna Earp: Legends: Doc Holliday, which is written by Tim Rozon, who plays Doc on the excellent TV series - and Wynonna creator Beau Smith.

   They've crafted an opening chapter that manages to stay true to the characters and creates a nasty new villain in the process.

   The story brings a trio of Black Badges - Wynonna, Doc Holliday and the warrior woman Valdez - to Portland, searching for a paranormal mass murderer.

   What they find is an old enemy Doc knows all too well - and he may be too much for even three lawmen / women.

   The art (and the cover above) is by Chris Evenhuis, who has a clean, powerful style that draws you in and won't let go - and his character designs are spot on. Add in strong layouts and lots of energy - it's impressive work!

   And I shouldn't have worried about Rozon - by all reports, he's a comic fan, so he knows the territory. And his first effort here is solid as a rock!

   (And if bad guy Boone Helm doesn't give you the creeps, no one will.)

Grade: A







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Kevin Findley said...

Something to tide me over until the next season premieres. YAH!