Sunday, November 27, 2016

Usage Yojimbo #159

   The Usage Yojimbo series is tough to review because... well, it's always excellent! (I have the same problem with Saga.)

   It makes it tough to review because... what can I say? "It's another great issue, everyone!"

   And this issue fits the mold!

   It's called "The Hatamoto's Daughter," and it involves a brutal attack that claims the life of a high-ranking samurai, leaving behind his young daughter.

   Usagi finds her and brings the girl back to her village - but she holds a secret that brings the attention of the underworld - and a gang of murderous thugs.

    The issue guest-stars one of my favorite supporting characters in the series - Inspector Ishida, a take-no-nonsense lawman who's great at solving mysteries - and by the end of the issue, he has one to deal with.

   One of the strengths of the series, of course, is the fact that - despite being set in feudal Japan - it lends itself to almost every genre, including some cracking good detective stories.

   When I picked this issue up, someone at the comics shop asked if I was a fan of "animal" characters. The short answer is that I don't see Usagi (or his supporting cast) as animals - they're terrific characters involved in amazing stories!

   Their appearance doesn't really enter into it - and it doesn't hurt that the art by writer / artist Stan Sakai is always terrific!

   Highly recommended!

Grade: A


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