Thursday, November 3, 2016

Unworthy Thor #1

   It's been a shame that the real Thor (the one who is Odin's son) has been treated so badly.

   More than two years ago the real Nick Fury (who's also been treated badly) whispered something to Thor that made him suddenly realize that he was now The Unworthy Thor - and no longer able to wield Mjolnir.

    We still have no inkling about what Fury said - but this issue finds Thor (who now has a mechanical left arm, replacing the one that was chopped off) looking for another hammer to wield.

   Somehow a different mystic hammer survived the end of the Secret Wars mini-series, and Thor hopes it will replace his former hammer - but first he must fight his was through impossible odds.

   The art by Olivier Coipel is wonderful, of course - but the story doesn't seem to include the Thor that I remember. That character was a hero, an admirable character who was both kind and thoughtful.

   This Thor is a broken spirit, more focused on fighting and drinking than helping others or defending the weak.

   Is he more edgy, darker, more intense? I guess - but that doesn't make me a fan.

Grade: B


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