Friday, November 4, 2016

Death of X #3 (of 4)

   The Death of X series continues to rumble along, trying to give the Inhumans and the X-Men (and mutants in general) reasons to go to war with each other.

   It had mostly achieved that with its basic concept - that the Terrigen Mist released by the Inhumans to trigger (and reveal) other members of their race across the face of the Earth was having unpredictable (and often deadly) effects on mutants.

   Instead of taking that and running with it, the creative team has tried to pile more misunderstandings on it, as a team of mutants is accidentally affected by a rescue effort.

   But a new player has entered the game - one not known for moderation or peace-making.

   This isn't a bad series - the art is strong and the story is building toward - something - but it feels like this series is just moving pieces into place to set up the next story (no doubt all-out war between the races) which will be the next big "event."

Grade: B+


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