Saturday, November 19, 2016

Justice League #9

   For some reason the "Rebirth" version of the Justice League isn't working for me.

   The problem isn't the lineup, since it's mostly made up of DC's top-tier characters (although it's irritating that Green (Hal Jordan) Lantern has been off Earth for years now and unavailable for inclusion - so we have instead the two GLs who "replaced" him).

   The art is strong - it's by Neil Edwards and Daniel Henriques, both doing a creditable version of Bryan Hitch's "amped realism" style.

   The plot is serviceable, as the team fights against their teammate Green (Simon Baz) Lantern's ring, which has been taken over by a malevolent entity.

   But the problem boils down to writer Bryan Hitch's approach, which (for lack of a better explanation) amounts to everyone in the issue screaming constantly.

    The issue is packed with action sequences as the constructs of the power ring threaten the lives of the different members of the League - all while Batman trades barbs with Alfred as he seeks out the source of the problem.

   I assume that Hitch is aiming for the same kind of "wide-screen" mega-event that characterized his work on the Ultimates and the Authority - but with all the frenzy, there's no opportunity to get to know any of these characters - nor do we have a reason to root for them.

   The fact that we're already familiar with most of them doesn't mean we like them. Give us a reason, allow a few quiet moments, show why they're friends, and why they like to work together.

   It's a bit tricky when you're dealing with characters who have their own titles, too - but there's plenty of room between the lines for friendship and building character.

Grade: B-


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