Friday, November 18, 2016

Doctor Strange #14

   Hey, it's Doctor Strange week!

   (At least on this blog it is - your pal Chuck was running late seeing the movie.)

    The latest version of Stephen's adventures continues to be solidly entertaining. This issue follows up on the devastating aftermath of a battle that left the Earth's magic damaged or destroyed, and now Strange's old enemies are trying to take advantage.

   After barely surviving an attack by Nightmare last issue, here he's stuck in a real Hell's Kitchen - one operated by another old enemy, the beautiful and deadly Satana.

    This is not a place you'd want to visit if you're hungry - the items on the menu are unsavory (even for the Doc, who apparently eats horrible stuff as a side effect of his work in the mystic arts).

   What follows is a nasty case of - well, you know what happens when you eat something terrible.

   It's a funny (if grisly) tale of nourishment gone wrong, all told tongue in cheek (so to speak).

   It's fertile ground for writer Jason Aaron and artist Chris Bachalo (working here with five inkers), and it's a lot of fun for the reader - if you have the stomach for it.

Grade: A-


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Kevin Findley said...

Satana should forever be portrayed in the low riders from her early stories.