Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Flash #9

   Like most comic book fans, I enjoy the continuity side of comics.

   But the Rebirth version of The Flash may be a step too far.

   This issue brings together the "new" Wally West / Kid Flash and the recently-returned-to-continuity original Wally West / former Kid Flash.

   And just to up the ante, the original Wally now goes by The Flash. Just like Barry Allen.

   And both Wallys are grateful to Iris West, who was so good to them both.  (Where did she find time to raise them both - and how old is Iris, anyway?)

   There's a lot of discussion about Speed Forces and mysterious beings who stole years and stuff going on with the Titans and evil fathers and visions of the future.

   You know, I've been reading the adventures of the Flash virtually since Barry first suited up, and this stuff makes my head hurt - I assume it's almost impenetrable to new readers.

   But I can't totally slam this series because that final page, which presses all the right fanboys impulses, made me smile. Big time.

Grade: B


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