Friday, October 28, 2016

Captain America Steve Rogers #6

   Six months into the "new / returned" Steve Rogers version of Captain America, and the story continues to unfold about Steve's childhood (with his life now apparently altered by the Red Skull) and how he became a secret agent for Hydra.

   That's tricky enough to manage - and to the credit of the creative team, they also manage to make the story fit into the continuing Civil War II storyline, which promises some, shall we say, major changes for the Captain.

   The story is giving us some indications that the real Steve is buried in there somewhere - but the big problem with stories like this (ones that so completely change the back story of the character) is that it runs the risk of collapsing under its own weight.

   For example, under this new reality, Cap has always been an agent of Hydra. So he's managed to keep this a secret since his return to the modern world? And during his combat duty in World War II? And what about the times in the past that he fought the Red Skull - wouldn't those be null and void now?

   And on and on.

   This isn't a bad issue at all (though, like most of the Civil War stories, it's very heavy on standing around and talking). The art is terrific and the story is interesting, even though it makes it difficult to cheer for the title character.

    It's interesting and well done, but I can't really say I'm enjoying it.

Grade: B


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