Friday, October 21, 2016

Death of X #2 (of 4)

   As the Death of X series continues to set up the upcoming conflict between the X-Men and the Inhumans, we can pause to reflect on the nature of Marvel's "hero vs. hero" tradition.

   It goes back a long way - in fact, almost every time two Marvel heroes first met in the Silver Age, they fought.

   Usually it was because of a misunderstanding (Iron Man vs. Sub-Mariner), or jealousy (Spider-Man vs. the Human Torch), a test (Fantastic Four vs. the Black Panther), or the plot of a villain (Captain America vs. Iron Man) - but the real reason for the fight was because it was fun.

   And that's why the tradition continues, right into last summer's hit movie. But for it to work, there has to be an acceptable reason for the fight.

   And so far, this series has managed to set up a good motivation.

   The Inhumans released the Terrigen Mist into the Earth's atmosphere, and now a cloud sweeps around the planet, releasing the inner potential of people with the Inhuman gene.

   But that mist is having a devastating effect on mutants - and the X-Men are demanding that the Inhumans do something about it. Will they cooperate - or will conflict result?

   Take a wild guess, true believer!

   But the potential for an entertaining story is strong. We'll see if it delivers.

Grade: A-


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