Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dark Knight III - The Master Race #6 (of 8)

   The Master Race threatening the Earth (and Gotham City in particular) seems unbeatable - it's an army of super-powered fanatics from Kandor (the bottle city from Krypton).

   Now grown to normal size, they've rained destruction across the globe, and not even Superman can stand against them.

   But Batman, of course, has a plan to level the field.

   This issue is loaded with intense confrontations, delightfully improbably battles and some gruesome bits of business.

   It also has a helluva cliffhanger ending - one that hearkens back to another classic Batman moment.

   I'm still not quite sold on the story here - I like Batman better when he's dealing with more street-level menaces, rather than super-powered extravaganzas - but there's plenty of time to change my mind.

   With terrific art and powerful writing - and I love those mini-comics inside each issue - this is a series you should not miss.

Grade: A-



Anonymous said...

Overly generous....

Chuck said...

Could be, Anon. I think it depends on whether this series is measured against the DKI (the gold standard) or DKII (what's the opposite of the gold standard?).

Kevin Findley said...

Opposite of the gold standard?

The FDR standard?

Nearly everyone I speak to about this wishes that Miller had skipped directly to this series and the previous had not been penned and inked.