Thursday, September 1, 2016

Silver Surfer #6

   Close on the heels of his 50th Anniversary, we get around to celebrating the 200th issue of The Silver Surfer.

   Once again the creative team of Dan Slott and Michael Allred rise to the challenge, giving us a story that's tied to the present, yet also manages to celebrate the history of that hero.

   The issue begins will another momentous moment, as the Surfer takes his love interest, Dawn Greenwood, to a meeting with her long-estranged mother. It's a sometimes painful and heartfelt event.

   At the same time, the Surfer and guest star Peter (Spider-Man) Parker face an attack by an army of the Surfer's past opponents (sorta kinda).

    Heck, the issue's worth buying for that Mike Allred cover, with the Surfer surrounded by a spray of past covers (including his earliest appearances in the Fantastic Four).

   Here's to the next 200 (which hopefully they'll be celebrating before 2066)!

Grade: A-


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