Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Justice League of America #9

   How far behind schedule is this issue of Justice League of America?

   The cover gives it away (well, the alternate cover) - it's obviously intended to promote the Batman v Superman movie.

   Fact is, it's been five months since the last issue of (what has presumably become) this limited series.

   The problem with that, of course, is remembering where we are in the rambling, larger-than-life story.

   We have the visit of a seemingly-benevolent Kryptonian god who turns out to be more interested in tapping into the life force of his followers than actually helping people. We have the JLA scattered across time and space, each fighting their own fights (and in one case, losing their life in the process). We have some powerful cosmic stones and a few other mysteries to unravel.

   This chapter moves the story along a bit, includes some terrific art by artist / writer Bryan Hitch, and has nothing to do with that cover over there.

   It's a solid issue and I'm enjoying the story (what I can recall of it), but I hope it all wraps up during my lifetime.

Grade: B+


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