Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Saga #37

   Here's another comic that defies reviewing: Saga.

   It's a funny, clever, vulgar, unpredictable science fiction / fantasy epic that's irresistible.

   It follows the life story of Hazel, the 5-year-old child of Marco and Alana - they're star-crossed lovers from different, warring races.

   That makes them a target of - well, just about everyone - so they're on the run in a unique, tree-like starship.

   This issue gives us a look at the brutal warfare they're trying to escape - and the kind of danger they may be heading toward.

   This is actually (combat aside) a low-key issue, as we check in on key players and set up a storyline that promises more gut-wrenching shocks.

   With great writing by Brian K. Vaughn and amazing, evocative artwork by Fiona Staples, this continues to be one of the best books out there.

   Not for kids, but great for the rest of us.

Grade: A-


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