Monday, September 5, 2016

Guardians of the Galaxy #11

   Since apparently no corner of the universe can go untouched by the Civil War II story, the Guardians of the Galaxy are summoned to Earth so they can do their part.

   It's frankly not a great fit for this team. Aside from Star-Lord, Kitty Pryde and the Thing (who seems to be two-timing Alicia Masters in this series), none of the rest have a reason to join the fight.  Wait, I forgot Venom.

   But after a long (and somewhat leisurely) journey across space, the team arrives on Earth just in time join a side (with minimal thought dedicated to deciding which side in the argument is "right").

   Their arrival on Earth actually launches an interesting side story that should consume the team in the months ahead.

   The series continues to boast strong art and sharp writing - but I prefer the stories set in deep space, rather than here at home.

Grade: B+


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