Friday, August 12, 2016

Superwoman #1

   Give DC credit - when they decide to make a change to their continuity / status quo, they jump in with both feet.

   Superwoman is a good example. Now that the pre-New 52 Superman has taken over for the (apparently killed) New 52 Man of Steel - bringing along his wife Lois Lane and their son - they've gone "all in" with alternate versions of their characters.

   So we have the "New 52" Lois endowed with Superman-like powers and she decides to use them in defense of Metropolis.

   But first she seeks help - from Lana Lang? (I have no idea how they know each other.)

   So we have two Lois Lanes running around in the DC Universe, one wielding superpowers - but not wearing a mask (yet somehow no one knows who she is).

   The issue features stunning artwork by Phil Jiminez, one of the best in the George Perez school of dynamic design, powerful character depictions and an amazing amount of detail.

   There almost too much crammed into this first issue, with introductions, mysterious menaces, disaster on a massive scale and tons of dialogue.

   So you certainly get your money's worth here.

   I'm not sure about the reasoning behind the series. With two Supermen (if you could the "new" Lex Luthor) and a Supergirl, is there room (or need) for Superwoman?

   We'll see!

Grade: A-


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