Saturday, August 13, 2016

Ninjak #18

   So it's been a tough couple of months for Ninjak, as he's lost almost everything - his money, his job with MI-6, his parents and most of his friends.

   This issue actually features two separate stories - one set in the present, and another several years in the future, which teams Ninjak with the Eternal Warrior.

   Of course, it's an unusual team-up, and neither hero completely trusts the other as they search for a criminal mastermind who's hiding in one of the world's most remote spots.

   The modern-day adventure follows up on the destruction of Ninjak's home - and who he blames for his troubles.

   I like this series a lot - it features smart scripts by Matt Kindt and strong artwork by Ulises Arreloa and Chris Sotomayor, and the stories are always edgy but fun.


Grade: A-


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