Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Captain America Steve Rogers #4

   Just like Captain America's life these days, that cover over there is a lie.

   This issue has nothing to do with Civil War.

   Instead, it focuses on some surprising plans Steve Rogers is hatching, which involves him going against his orders from his Hydra masters - which seems a bit dicey, since the Red Skull is now a telepath.

   Lots of fans have objected to the Hydra story, but being a contrarian by nature I've been trying to see the positive side of this series - but I just don't care for the direction of the story so far (though the art is very good).

   It's taking Cap too far away from his "real" self - for example, the only action sequence in this issue has him taking part in an extremely brutal attack on an enemy, with a vicious outcome that is far removed from the hero I've followed for decades.

   Yes, I know this story will eventually be worked out and (hopefully) we'll be back to the real Cap. But first we have to deal with some interesting plot points - and no doubt there will eventually be some Civil War business to address.

   But I admit that I'm looking forward to this story being wrapped up.

Grade: B-




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