Thursday, August 25, 2016

Blue Beetle Rebirth #1

   DC keeps making the same mistake.

   They keep bringing back the wrong Blue Beetle.

   I know, I should be grateful that the hero is back at all. And I have nothing against the third version of the hero, the magic-scarab-powered Jaime Reyes, who's at the center of this reboot.

   And they get bonus points for including Ted Kord, hero #2 in the series. That billionaire inventor has taken Jaime under his wing and is pushing his "apprentice" to live up to his high-powered potential.

   So why not take the logical step and bring back the original Blue Beetle, Dan Garrett? (He should know a thing or two about fighting the bad guys with a magic scarab.)

   That is, of course, a minor complaint. Writer Keith Giffen and artist Scott Kolins craft a solid introduction to the characters and concepts here (although you don't get much more than that).

   (Wait, I was supposed to work in a "Meet the Beetles" gag. Oh, never mind.)

   It's a promising return for the characters - here's hoping for more like this!

Grade: A-


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