Monday, August 1, 2016

4001 AD #3 (of 4)

   It's possible to win a fight - and still lose everything.

   That's the hard lesson being delivered in the mini-series 4001 AD, set in the distant future but featuring the age-old fight for freedom.

    The battle takes place in orbit, as the heroes Rai and the Eternal Warrior join with other fighters to stop the oppressive reign of Father, the Artificial Intelligence that controls New Japan, a nation relocated into space to protect its population.

   But after untold generations of cruelty and death, the population is fighting back. The problem is, even if they win, can New Japan survive without Father keeping the machinery working?

   It's a chaotic, intense and often brutal battle royal being crafted by writer Matt Kindt.

   The art on the series is by Clayton Crain, and it's impressive, bringing an alien, futuristic world to life.

   The story of the battle between man and machine is a classic, and it's serviced well in this mini-series.

Grade: B+


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