Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #1

   With a series like Green Lantern, it's easy to get lost in the magnitude of the concept.

   You're talking about a universe-spanning police force (the Green Lantern Corps) made up of thousands of aliens - and there are other, competing Corps made up of different colors.

   It's all happening on a cosmic scale - so it's easy to get lost in the, well, bigness of it all (if that's a word).

   The trick is to maintain a balance between the cosmic stories and the human ones - Hal Jordan has to be relatable for us to care about his adventures, right?

   Getting stuck in cosmic mode loses that side - and that's why I dropped this series a couple of years ago.

   For the Rebirth, I'm trying to give it another chance, and it's off to a decent start. Apparently the GL Corps and the Guardians were somehow banished from reality, leaving Hal to pick up the pieces - literally - with no support structure at all.

   He's managed to build his own ring - somehow - and is searching for the rest of the Corps.

   In the meantime, Sinestro is setting up his old power base, vowing to restore order to the galaxy - but his methods are as suspect as his motivation.

   So it's a big ol' story on a big ol' canvas, with great artwork and a solid story (though I'm a bit fuzzy on some of the details).

   I'd still like to see Hal back on Earth for at least a while, and give him a chance to show why he's a beloved hero. There's more to him that just a power ring.

Grade: B+


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Mr. Brooks said...

While I'm not thrilled about the title (reeks of SPIDER-MAN and His Amazing Friends) I'm willing to give it a shot. And I agree with you regarding more Earth bound stories. It reminds me what comics great Len Wein once said, "While Asgard stories are great, every once in a while you have to have Thor fighting the Absorbing Man or the Wrecking Crew".

I would also like to see a true friendship between John and Hal. They are, in many ways, the are the DC equivalent to Alexander Scott and Kelly Robinson (and not in the obvious way). One is head/heart (John). The other, heart/head (Hal). Perfect balance.

And one more thing... Enough is enough! Think Captain Sisko or at least Idris Alba.