Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Titans #1

   They never should have let them stop being "Teens."

   The group now known as The Titans started out as the Teen Titans, of course, and the Rebirth version of the team brings together the version of the team from the 1960s (mostly).

   But hey, they're all grown up now, though it's hard to tell, because they still act like kids - teasing Wally (Flash) West about being in love, teasing Aqualad (or is he Aquaman now?), and in general acting like kids.

   The series has a great mystery at its heart - which is also the key to Rebirth - who stole the memories and several years of time from the DC heroes?

   They make an effort to solve it - but instead spend their time looking for an old Teen Titans foe (with little luck) - and bring back an even older villain from a different series!

   If they're grownups, let them act like it (though certainly there's no harm in letting them have fun).

   But for a first issue, this comic never really went anywhere - it's all setup and no delivery. There's a huge mystery behind the book, by it looks like the solution is going to have to come from a different source.

   Is DC going to let this team be second-rate heroes again? Surely not.

Grade: B


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