Friday, July 29, 2016

Captain America: Steve Rogers #3

   Fandom in general was outraged by the latest story starring Captain America (Steve Rogers), which has him acting as an undercover agent working for Hydra - and no, it's not an imaginary story, a bad dream or a secret plan by Cap to infiltrate that criminal organization.

   Despite the outrage, this isn't the first time Cap has found himself on the wrong side of the fight. Back in his earliest appearances in Tales of Suspense in the '60s, we learned about an adventure in World War II wherein Cap was brainwashed by the Red Skull - and fought briefly for the Nazis.

   Of course, the key word there is "briefly" - the story spanned a single month, and then Cap was back to his Nazi-busting ways.

   Modern comics follow a much slower path, so we're three months into this turn - and no end in sight. (How long was Spider-Man "replaced" by Doctor Octopus - years?)

   You can count me among those who didn't care for this story angle - it seems like too much of a shock tactic - but I'll admit that this issue is crafted skillfully.

   Writer Nick Spencer is finally drawing back the curtain to reveal why Cap has turned - and how his efforts balance his heroic image and his duties serving the Skull.

   The art by Jesus Saiz is very good, with great character designs and strong layouts - but I'm still on the fence about the new costume design for Cap. It's growing on me.

   So I guess what this story comes down to is patience. You may need some to fight your way to the resolution of the story, but it promises to be an interesting trip, depending on your tolerance of Cap being on the wrong side of the equation - for now.

Grade: B+


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