Sunday, July 24, 2016

Green Arrow #3

   I don't buy everything out there, so I check in with friends to see what comics I should be picking up (assuming I'm not already).

   Green Arrow, they all told me. It's really good, they said. It's the biggest surprise, they added.

   "They"... were right!

   I tracked down the Rebirth issues, and apparently the focus is on bringing the series in line with the ongoing Arrow TV show - and that's not a bad idea at all.

   It's also good to see the supporting cast growing, and longtime fans will be happy to see the Black Canary back as a romantic (ish) figure in GA's life.

   On the action side, Oliver's in the fight of his life - he was nearly killed, he's been discredited, his company stolen, his money taken away, his friends are turning on him, there's an international conspiracy, powerful enemies targeting him  - what better for a hero than to have his back against the wall?

   It's a terrific script by Benjamin Percy and outstanding artwork by Juan Ferreyra, and a strong start to this "reborn" series.

    Thanks to everyone who pointed me at this series - heed their wisdom, readers!

Grade: A


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